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If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to the game, or events you might want to happen, or anything else, please post it here!

Please note that all comments will be screened. The mods will consider all comments and suggestions fully, but anything deemed to be harmful to the quality of the roleplay or potentially to the players will not be put into practice.

Hiatus Post

Need to go on hiatus? Please post here with your name and the affected characters (including their journals!), as well as about how long you'll need!


Wanted List

You want a canonmate? You want to see a certain character? This is where you tell us! Please also tell us what medium these canons are from, as not all our mods are familiar with the same canons!


Coyote Smith


Hitchhiker's Guide
Ford Perfect


Hitchhiker's Guide
Ford Perfect

Doctor Who
The Fifth Doctor
Tegan Jovanka


Drop Post

Not feeling a character's voice anymore? Don't feel like RPing them? Just have to leave? This is where you do it.

Post here with your character's journal and name, and we'll do our best to remove them quick as we can.

If you'd like to put the account up for "adoption" (that is, letting someone else take it) then please leave some contact info as well.


Here we go. Bear with me on this. It's to get rid of any confusion that may have appeared.

We have a system in place here called "hanging your hat." This is when your character enters a post,
you should be tagging them into it as well. As you can see from the list of tags, every character does have a tag, so there's no worries there. Tagging a post is really easy as well. All you do is press the button in the red circle.

Once this button has been pressed, a list of tags will appear.

When this list shows up, all you need to do is:
Hold the ctrl button on your keyboard.
Go through the list, and click on your character's name.
Press 'save changes.'

And then, there, that's it, you're done! From then on, feel free to RP away (though - as I've said, since tags have had a tendency to disappear from posts, do keep an eye to make sure you remain tagged in).

On Mac computers, this appears to be different. You need to press the "open apple" button to allow you to tag your character in without deleting any of the other character tags. That's the OPEN APPLE button. From there on there should be no problems.

Okay? Okay, continue with your RPing!

A Rough Map of the Nexus

Welcome to the Nexus

At the very edge of town, just up the hill, looming over the rest of the buildings, you will find the Nexus Academy. Many residents may find employment here, and any residents of school age will find their uniform and space in the dorm room waiting.

Traveling down the hill, you enter directly into the shopping district of the Nexus. Shops that can be found here include: Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes; The Hat Shop; Mrs Lovett's Pie Emporium; The Tea Shop; The nightclub Sam's Place;­ the resturant The Harmonica Gardens, the bar Fangtasia; and it is highly likely there are others. The shopping district is quite large, and also quite wide. It contains, as we have seen, not only shops, but resturants, nightclubs, and bars.

Just past this shopping district you will find the Town Hall and the Hospital. The Town Hall is on old looking building, home to many large and grand looking ball rooms, and also acts the local cinema.It is also the site of the Post Office, a service which we fully encourage the residents to make use of. Next to the Academy, it can be said that the Town Hall is one of the main meeting areas of the Nexus, and surely the second most secure building.

To one side of the shopping district, there is a path which leads into a forest, and then towards the local pond. Residents are advised to avoid causing too much distress to the pond, as it is where the local atomic mutated dinosaur lives, and he will not be pleased to have his home distrubed. Besides which, it is impolite. At the opposing side of the town, there is a large wide open area. This is often used for carnivals, fairs, or markets. It is also near the area which can become an ice rink. Residents are also asked to be careful when entering the forest on a full moon; as there are werewovles using some run down old shacks to transform.

Just beyond the shopping district is the housing complex. There are several apartment buildings, as well as several houses. The apartment buildings are own, largely, by Mr. Lamont Cranston, and have a very reasonable rent fixed upon them. The houses are spacious, and comfortable. There is also a run down little bar in this area; The Bohemian's Bar. We are not quite sure why it is here, on the very edge of the housing district, but it is best simply to nod and smile.

Not far from the town, you are likely to find the airstrip. This is, as the name describes. The blimp can be found there. It is also recommeded that if coming here, you wear one of the safety vest available. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Walk outside of town, and you will come to the coastline. Here there is a lovely beach, with soft golden sand, and waves lapping gently. This is generally a fun party area in the better weather.

Just outside of the town, there are several forboding buildings that is best not to discuss here except to point out that for your own sake; it is advisable to avoid them if you can help it. Of course, as we know, the Nexus has a way of bringing people close to these buildings. They are all privately owned

Oh yes, and of course there is the warehouse district, no large town would be so without one. One of these warehouses was turned into a training facility and we are asked to kindly remind the residents that unless you are given special permission, enterance to this facility is only for the 21 and over age groups.

Please enjoy your time in the Nexus!

MOD NOTE: Anyone wishing to create a new area in the Nexus should first private message this account so that permission can be gained, and the new area added to the map so people are aware of it. This also includes new shops, or nightclubs, or bars.



So what is this about?

Simply put? For some reason, characters are being pulled into the city known as the Nexus. No one is sure how or why, nor how to get back. They're stuck here for the time being.

What's the "Nexus?"

It's a city made by the first inhabitants to this world. It's fairly large, and has pretty much everything you can think of in it.

Status about its portal will be added when it becomes available.

So what's this about building the game?

Fandom Smash is a game that changes based on player actions, and the consequences of these actions. This means that a lot of the events involve "day to day" life. But with the sheer mix of people around, even that is far from dull. There is an overall plot, but how it works and the consequences of it vary based on player reactions. For instance, Megaman X assisted in a 'prison break' of political prisoners, and since he was seen to be doing this, he is a specifically wanted man in the Empire.

The Nexus itself is also based off what players do and some businesses are made by players.

Wait, player-made businesses? Does that mean there's money?

Yes! As said in the rules, there is a currency system in play. However, since it's assumed to be handwaved, players can do what they wish -- include starting businesses! The success or failure of these businesses is entirely up to the player making them. All we ask is that, in the case of making a business, you post it in the business post so we can keep track of it!

So can I leave the Nexus?

Absolutely, though there's not much reason to do so right now. The Nexus itself and the immediate nearby area is surrounded by miles upon miles of wilderness in either direction, and even past that wilderness on all sides are Empire checkpoints that are currently impassable. You're more than welcome to play around in the forests, of course, but the Empire aren't letting you past just yet.

Of course, plot events will allow you to explore beyond this, assuming you sign up for them.

Sign up?

Yes. Since most main plot events are important, they require sign ups so that they can be tailored to the number of characters and their strengths to make a more "personal" plot. Anyone can sign up and everyone who signs up is given a place, but it's not a "drop in drop out" thing like mini plots or player made plots.

Okay, enough about the Nexus. What about my powers?

They remain as they are. While we reserve the right to limit certain powers if absolutely necessary, that has yet to be used at all and we do our absolute best never to use it. So on acceptance, your powers stay as they are, unmodified unless by your choice. This includes any sicknesses and diseases.

For instance, if you could fly before coming into the Nexus, you can still fly, but if you couldn't, you can't suddenly fly.

However, remember that the world changes as players come in. The Force is now a regular part of the Nexus, so even characters not from Star Wars might be able to learn how to use it, if you wanted them to. We even have a Jedi Master or two floating around that could teach them!

What about NPCs?

They're brought in the same as characters, just without a player to play them. This means that the player characters aren't the only ones to exist -- there will definitely be other people at restaurants, running businesses, and such!

What about my weapons/armor/items?

If they were on your character at the time, then they came with the character. For important things like Gundams, they can be assumed to have been dragged in as well. Other than that, however, unless the character requires them to live, if they weren't on them or the character wasn't in them when they popped into the Nexus, they don't have them. If it's something small, they can find it randomly sometime in the Nexus, but if it's not small, you'd need to talk to a mod about regaining it.

What about player characters?

Player Characters, or PCs, are defined as characters whose history is set in stone (or at least has varying paths set in stone), but whose appearance, abilities, and/or personality are defined by the character. Examples of PCs are Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Revan from Knights of the Old Republic, and the Warden from Dragon Age: Origins.

PCs are perfectly fine and you are more than welcome to app them, but be aware that their apps will be judged more critically than other apps.

What about things like Digimon and Pokemon?

That depends on the specific one, actually.

We would technically accept either a Pokemon character (such as Ash, Red, Gold) or a Pokemon as a character (such as Zoroark, Mightyena, or Lucario). Pokemon Trainers may have the six Pokemon they had on them when pulled into the Nexus, but may not catch any Mun-Played Wild Pokemon. None of these six, however, may not be Legendaries, for sake of fairness.

Like with Pokemon, we are willing to accept Digimon characters (Tai, Matt, TK) or Digimon as characters (Agumon, Angemon, Myotismon). In the latter case, they are not required to be the specific version seen in one of the media (Tai's Agumon, Adventure01 Myotismon), but they must have enough to make them starkly different from said media version -- IE, they must be a unique character. If you're apping a Destend/Tamer, you may also app for their Digimon as well if you wish -- in that case, you must include the Digimon character in your application as well.

Note that apps for Digimon-as-characters and Pokemon-as-characters, being similar to apps for Player Characters, will be judged more critically.

What about Summons?

That depends entirely on how the summoning is performed. If the Summon is drawn from the character themselves, then they would be allowed. If the Summon is called from another place, however (like Sheena's Summons from Tales of Symphona), then they would no longer be allowed -- those creatures don't exist in the Nexus.

I have another question!

Post it! We've certainly missed something and if there's anything we can answer, let us know!



Under construction.


Taken Character List

Please note, if a character is denoted with a (*) following their name, it means this this mundane is under 18 years old age.

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